Ukraine is an incredible country. Its unbreakable nation, army, willpower and strive for victory captivate the entire world.

Together with its partners and allies, Ukraine didn't just stand up against the enemy, but proved its independence in battle and won the right for all civilized nations to live in peace.

Ukraine will definitely prevail, and the whole world understands that the victory is coming soon. Every day the investment strategic course of the state becomes clearer. Many countries are eager to participate in the development of the country and ready to restore its infrastructure.

Ukraine is a country of incredible natural beauty and a variety of natural resources. It has hundreds of hectares of forests, seas, fertile plains and mountains. It is also a known destination where tourists from all over the world gather to feel the flavor of a nation with a deep history of more than 1,000 years.

BUKOVEL is Eastern Europe's (and Ukraine's) largest ski resort, boasting 67 km of slopes. Ukrainian flavor combined with high-quality European service, a variety of experiences to explore all year round. High season 365 days a year with millions of tourists, third part of which being foreigners.

Despite the devastating war, BUKOVEL is constantly growing, being the safest place in Ukraine, high in the mountains. Infrastructure is being developed, new lifts are being installed, hotels and entertainment centers being built.


In 2023 we're starting a project which is absolutely unique. A 80,000 square meter large residential / entertainment / tourist area in the very heart of the resort, which is the region's most investment attractive location.

We are pleased to announce an international contest starting January 2023, for the best and most innovative architectural solution for the implementation of this project, which will become a business card not only of the resort, but also for the entire country. Representatives of the architectural elite from all over the world will be invited to participate. According to the results of this contest, a construction project contract will be concluded with the winner.

We will gladly answer all your questions and provide detailed information on the contest via e-mail

With faith in victory,
Bukovel resort, Ukraine.