Have you ever dreamt of you own apartments in the Carpathians?

Right now your dreams may become reality, as "Bukovel" resort starts a real estate sales campaign (luxury apartments and chalets), on favorable terms for potential investors.

We mean real investors, as not only those apartments may be used for own purposes, but also promise substantial profits. The estimated payback period for an investment in such a property is 7-12 years, depending on leasing intensity.

Owners may consider to enter an agreement with our management company, to set everything up with leasing issues. Thus, the estate may be used for countryside retreats, at the same time benefiting owners with measurable amounts of rent money, as guaranteed passive income.


Advantages of investing in TC "Bukovel"

You are buying property in an attractive investment location. Countrary to the majority of the regions of the country, land allotments here gradually rise in price.


All year round, TC "Bukovel" is one of the major tourist destinations for Ukrainians. Being visited by more than 1.8 million people in 2017, the resort is steadily expanding and increasing the share of tourists from abroad. Last year, foreigners were around 25% of the total visitor count.


The apartments are located in the heart of the region's tourist infrastructure. All the attractions and amenities of the resort shall be available for you and your guests - within walking distance.


When you leave the resort, your property does not stand idle in vain, but brings you passive income instead. Sign an optional agreement with a management company to help yourself with property rent (available through the official resort website or other channels).


The real estate objects are located on the territory which borders the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve. Crystal clear springs and alpine air provide healing effects 365 days a year. Also, these are incredible opportunities for traveling and recreation.

Available deals

An elite closed type residential area, located in the very heart of the resort
Apartments with personal ski-in, ski-out!
Business/commercial property in the center of the resort!



Apart-Hotel "BUKA" – an investment destined for success!

Modern apartments in the very heart of Bukovel - your profitable business at Eastern Europe’s major ski resort.

Welcome to "BUKA" Apart-Hotel, a newcoming investment project from the reliable real estate company MBT Group. Conveniently located on slope 7A foothills, this new lodge offers convenient access to major infrastructure hubs of the resort. Construction works are close to completion. The commissioning is scheduled for 4th quarter of 2021!

What are the benefits?

  • Favorable central location with panoramic views
  • Built directly on skiing slope 7А
  • Modern eco-design
  • Rooftop pool with tanning zone
  • SPA facility: Finnish sauna, Roman steam room, relax zone with cold water pool
  • Gym
  • Kids Room
  • Conference hall
  • Ski room with dedicated lockers
  • Restaurant: easy access, breakfast meals
  • Spacious covered parking zone
  • Developed infrastructure
  • Fast food restaurant
  • Equipment/skiwear rental station
  • Ski school
  • Ticket offices
  • Equipment/skiwear shop
  • Grocery store
  • Souvenir shop
  • Apres Ski cafe
  • Convenient access to major venues: “BUKA” EC, “Veranda Lounge-Zone” and skating rink
  • Medical center is building right next to the reception office

Apartment types

Type 1

Total area − 23-25 square meters

Those are comfortable single-room apartments with panoramic windows and inner courtyard view. The interior is an example of vibrancy and modern design tendencies. Rooms are commissioned with all necessary accessories and domestic appliances. 

Type 2

Total area − 23-25 square meters

Type 2 apartments are available in two different floorplans: with balconies or panoramic windows. Some of these provide mountain views, others face the center of the resort. The interior’s color palette is a healthy compromise between vividness and calm pastel shades. Rooms are reasonably furnished and equipped with all necessary appliances.

Type 3

Total area − 32-38 square meters

Those are spacious single-room apartments featuring tasteful interior planning and thoughtful design solutions. A combination of ambient pastel colors and bright accents creates a really special atmosphere. For convenience, rooms are split into two zones. The majority of apartments have balconies offering truly magnificent mountain scenery or resort central area views. The rest of the rooms are commissioned with panoramic windows, which face the inner courtyard. Rooms are provided with all necessary means for comfortable pastime. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to purchase the best rooms on particularly favorable terms!

For details, please call: +380673337744

Type 1
Type 1
Type 2
Type 2 Type 2.1
Type 3
Type 3 Type 3.1


An elite closed type residential area, located in the very heart of the resort


Run your own business without any worries

Have you ever dreamt of your own countryhouse in an ecologically intact corner of the country? Take ownership of a luxury personal residence in the heart of the marvelous land of Bukovel! Welcome to Bukovel Residence, an elite closed type residential area providing luxury chalets and apartments built on the foothills of the skiing slope 2A, the "Bukovel" resort’s most attractive location.

The cottages were commissioned in December 2018, some of those are already making rent money for their owners, serving as mini-hotels. Upon request, all the leasing issues, servicing and payments will be assumed by our management company, the Bukovel Residence Service. You will be able to run your own hotel business at Bukovel resort, without having any worries!


80% of cottages sold out! 60% of cottages have been already put into leasing!

Imagine a closed-type residential area with adjoining land allotments, personal ski-in/out to the slope 2A, in-out vehicle checkpoints and a children’s playground. The cottage town is being supervised by the management company, whose employees look after the cottages during their owners’ absence from "Bukovel". The important infrastructure hubs of the resort are located within walking distance, such as restaurants, drugstores, entertainment establishments, grocery stores, ski rentals, winter fair square, SPA center, night club.

The Bukovel Residence residential area provides two types of cottages: "Chalet" and "Duplex". The latter consist of two identical parts. Each lodge will be commissioned with completed facade decor, street terrace and landscaping. The internet provider's service, TV network, water supply, the new generation heating system, external video surveillance, fire- and security alarming systems are included into the price. You may choose between turning your chalet into your personal mountain residence and running your own business by leasing the cottage to other people and earning passive money income.

Your benefits:

  • Own land allotment in the mountains;
  • Chalets are located at the foothills of ski slope 2А;
  • Closed type residential area, well guarded;
  • High building quality;
  • Children’s playground;
  • Full support on leasing business and supervision of your real estate.

Contact our manager to receive more details on the deal: +38 067 333-77-44.


Your personal mini-hotel in the very heart of the "Bukovel" resort

Your own piece of real estate at "Bukovel" mountain resort: a dream which may become reality.

Purchase your own apartments in a freshly-built hotel, situated right next to the skiing slope 2A. Those may become your mountain resort residency or just bring substantial amounts of profit, if used as personal hotel rooms. Invest into own real estate and start earning rent money without any difficulty.

Upon request, the Bukovel Residence Service management company will assume all the leasing issues, servicing and payments. The first-queue apartments estimated completion date is December 2019.

Bukovel Residence apartments will be commissioned as turnkey objects, prepped and ready with skillfully-designed interior, furniture and modern household appliances. Our company will provide single-, double-, and triple-room apartments for this investment program. 

  • A single-room apartment consists of a spacious hallway, an adjoining bathroom plus WC, a big studio room, a relaxation zone and a loggia. 
  • A double-room apartment has a hallway, two bathrooms, a spacious studio room, a relaxation zone, a large bedroom and a loggia.
  • A triple room apartment consists of a hallway, two bathrooms, a spacious studio room, a relaxation zone, a large bedroom, and a guest room, which may also act as a children’s room.

Additionally, our customers will enjoy access to the array of general use facilities such as closed parking area, kids room, gym and chill-out room. The important infrastructure hubs of the resort are located within walking distance, such as restaurants, drugstores, entertainment establishments, grocery stores, ski rentals, winter fair square, SPA center, night club.

Your benefits:

  • High building quality;
  • Personal ski-in/ski-out to the ski slope 2А;
  • 24h security service;
  • New-generation heating systems;
  • Full support on leasing business and supervision of your real estate.

65% of the apartments are currently sold out. Don’t miss your opportunity!

Contact our manager to receive more details on the deal: +38 067 333-77-44.

Bukovel Residence Service management company

No doubt, investments into real estate and tourism are perspective and promising ones. An average "Bukovel" winter season lasts for 100 days at least, summer season – 60 days. Mid-season periods are usually attractive with numerous seminars, conferences and other events. If you’re interested in having your own cottages and/or apartments at the resort, but aren’t quite ready to spend time running your business, we have a solution for you.

Bukovel Residence Service is a management/supervising/servicing company ready to commit themselves to all issues concerning leasing/upkeep of our customers’ real estate. No need to devote yourself to contractor issues, utility bills calculation and commission payments. We want your business to bring you pleasure, not unnecessary problems.


The Bukovel Residence Service company provides the following services:

  • Acceptance of payments from all your income channels, as regards to the leasing process of your cottages and apartments;
  • Accommodation of guests according to the proportional employment scheme of the complex,
  • Room cleaning/consumables an mini-bar resupply routine;
  • Financial supervision.

Sign an agreement with the Bukovel Residence Service company and enjoy steady profits from your advantageous investment!
Contact our manager person to receive more details on the deal: +38 067 333-77-44

“Chalet” standard (type 1)
1st floor planning 2nd floor planning
“Chalet” mansard (type 2)
1st floor planning 2nd floor planning
“Duplex” (type 3)
1st floor planning 2nd floor planning
“Duplex” (type 4)
1st floor planning 2st floor planning
“Duplex” (type 5)
1st floor planning 2st floor planning


Apartments with personal ski-in, ski-out!

Welcome to a new "Bukovel" investment project. We’re introducing "HVOYA", a newcoming apartment hotel at the center of the resort.

The apartments will boast a location in the very heart of the resort, offering the closest proximity to Bukovel infrastructure's keypoints.

The distinctive feature of the hotel will be the option of taking a conveyor elevator right to the ski-lift’s #7 valley station. That means easy access to slopes, for every guest or resident will have a luxury of ski in/ski out, which is a defining feature, considering the overall (investment and touristic) attractiveness of the complex.  Another interesting option of the project is an underground parking area, which provides sufficient amount of car slots for even maximum occupancy cases.

"HVOYA" apart hotel will have apartments of two different types:

TYPE 1 – single room: 25 - 31 square meters.

ТYPE 2 – double room: 45 - 55 square meters.

Please note that the price is given for a turnkey object. Buyers will receive fully completed apartments ready for lodging or rent, with kitchen, plumbing and furniture installed. The apartments design, quality of mats and furniture will be comparable to those presented on renders and demos.

The estimated payback period for the apartments is 8-12 years, subject to maximal leasing intensity. Additional expenses, such as utility payments and touring operator/management company service fees, were also considered during the calculation. We didn’t take the fact into account though, that regular market prices for those apartments will drastically exceed the values provided by the present-day investment offer. Moreover, premium real estate at the resort gradually rises in price, making the investment even more beneficial in the long run.

For your convenience of running hotel business and potential leasing profits increase, please consider the option of signing a contract with our tour operator.

For more detailed information, feel free to make a request by signing a short personal data form. Our managers will contact you in a while to provide assistance and details on the deal.

For details, please call: +380 (67) 344 46 20, +380 (68) 555 55 68.

"Bukovel" – a paradise for lucrative real estate investments!

Type 1 - single room
Type 1 - single room
Type 2 - double room
Type 2 - double room


Business/commercial property in the center of the resort!

Dear friends,

Real estate is available for commercial rent at "Bukovel" resort.

The properties are located in the central part of the resort, right between ski lifts #2, 2R, and #7. Though heavily crowded, the area allows for maximum passableness and boasts walking distance proximity to key infrastructure objects.

Real estate objects
Room planning


Buyers get 100% ownership of their property. The apartments, cottages and the land lots themselves carry no legal encumbrances.

When the property is leased to a management company, the terms, available options and obligations of the parties are clearly prescribed in the Agreement, making our cooperation understandable, transparent and predictable.

How to buy

Planning to make a visit and see everything for yourself?
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Hotline available
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Hotline available
+380 (67) 333 77 44


Hotline available 9am–6pm
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Hotline available
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